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    Hi Shannon, YAHOO! What an honor girl. Very well deserved, but still an honor. Brag all you want. Love your wreath and roses. Sweet that mama is going to frame it. I think you had better do the same. Have to tell you, I love the show, "Amazing Race". I see the goat farmers picture there.Hugs,Jann

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    ahhh Grey … your deliscious sense of irony is brilliantI am to please.I suspect that Assange and cos private communications would be of more interest than Steve Lewis  they certainly go to great lengths to keep them quiet.Governments are not the only threat to personal liberty and freedom

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    Thank you for the reminders. It gets more challenging as my eldest gets older. Inspiring behaviors seems so natural and so simple with my younger child, but now I do struggle to find ways to help my pre-teen.

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    . I think its very sad when the dad either is unwilling to help or the wife relegates him to babysitter status. Thankfully my husband is very willing to help and I *usually* dont feel the need to do everything.

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    he should be killed, aka fatwa. There's a city in Michigan that had a large Muslim population too. Maybe that has something to do with it also.I read somewhere that people from Yemen and Somalia have been entering the US from Mexico. That would be really bad PR for the no wall crowd if they were terror!$ts.szpork

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